Gearbox problems

Posted on 27th of April 2011 by Vincent
After a nice day of testing, both cars end the day with gearbox problems just 4 days before the second race.

The second 'testing' day under guidance of Bas Koeten with SPAA05 cars. The weather was great and so was the atmosphere in the pit.
For real testing purposes it was too busy on the track, with a wide variety of cars and drivers. There was no way that we would be able to set a decent time with the traffic, but the car felt great anyhow.
For Hans this day was ideal as the slow traffic meant that he could focus on driving instead of looking behind him all the time.

Sadly 2 hours before the end of the day, gearbox troubles on the #01 car. Stuck in-between gears Hans parked the car on the side of the track. After the car was delivered to the pits, the problem could not be fixed on the spot.
Just an hour later car #57 also had some more serious problems with the gearbox, skipping gears and simply not selecting the 4th gear. Even though the car could still drive we decided to stop, afraid that the problem would be bigger that it at first looked like.

With just four days to go until the race on Saturday, I really hope the cars will be ready...